• Steel Mesh Pallet

    Steel Mesh Pallet foldable, and stacked neatly, space saving warehouse space. Assembly and transport easily. Surface treatment: hot dipped galvanized or powder coated rust.

    Steel Mesh Pallet, Steel Pallet Box Container

    Steel Mesh Pallet Powder Coating, Pallet Steel


    Steel Mesh Pallet
    Steel Mesh Pallet

    Steel Mesh Pallet is constructed of durable steel mesh. Products are designed with 3 popular categories:
    - Type of wheels
    - Of a possible base stacked
    - With both wheels and both fixed base


    Steel Mesh Pallet
    Steel Mesh Pallet

    Steel Mesh Pallet with large load capacity, no rust, easy to use, goods to the pallet and used forklifts or hand pallet truck pallet transport to the place of production.
    Video Steel Mesh Pallet

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