• Wire Mesh Pallet Cage

    Wire mesh pallet cage are used with imported ingredients, at competitive prices. Pallet nets can be folded and stacked for space saving. Delivery, correct the date on the contract.

    Wire Mesh Pallet Cage, Mesh Pallet Box

    Wire mesh pallet cage is designed to serve the hosting needs and safely transported on pallets alone. With a flexible design and are widely used in industries: automotive, mechanical engineering, electronics, agricultural products ...
    Wire mesh pallet cage
    Wire mesh pallet cage
    Wire mesh pallet cage with strong structure, good strength allows the unit to be configured to different height.
    Wire mesh pallet cage increased protection of better products, seasonal storage, short term or long term. When not in use, and can free neatly stacked, space saving warehouse space.
    Wire mesh pallet cage
    Wire mesh pallet cage
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