• Wire Mesh Pallet Rack Decking

    Wire mesh pallet rack decking is a highly versatile shelving and decking solution offering significant benefits over traditional shelving, for both fire and safety regulations.

    Wire mesh pallet rack decking, mesh pallet container

    Wire mesh pallet rack decking have been designed to work with all racking systems. Can be fitted to either stepped or box beams they are easy to install and require no fixings.
    Wire mesh pallet rack decking
    Wire mesh pallet rack decking
    Wire mesh pallet rack decking are a quick and convenient way of creating shelves. Through out the industry other names that these panels are known as include mesh shelves and mesh decking. Ideal application where racking is used for both bulk pallet storage and low level picking.
    To ensure resilience and prevent rusting each mesh panel is coated in a grey, highly durable, paint finish.
    Wire mesh pallet rack decking
    Wire mesh pallet rack decking

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